Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rolling Anger Part 3: Solutions.

In the comment section of that letter, a gentleman of the name Mike Austin made this statement, “A page for tit for tat, fingering pointing does absolutely nothing the way of a solution”. Then he continues later on, “you put forth the effort to add suggestions that might some answer to the unrest”.  Thus he was right.  Where are the solutions to the problem?  Where were such offers?  Far too long we as American citizens allow the extreme, the fringe, the Naïve, and the bitter voices to dictate the terms and to hinder the process.

 Older African American leaders like Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have spent publicity more time marching and protesting while the” intellects”  like Cornell West and media types Tavis Smiley embarrass themselves in coon-like fashion. Then you have those who speak the harsh “truth” and make the points, yet experiencing serious blowback.   None of these men have the solutions or detail ideas to fix the problem. It is shameful and sad that 30-40 years were wasted on foolishness on marches that lack strategy, protest that are fleeting, and action that is hollow. It is time for the new generation of men to claim and reclaim their place in this society and fix these social problems. The torch is not being passed, but it sure needed to be taken. How many blood stained streets, unarmed victims, empty stomachs, and uneducated must there for one to wake up? However I would like to extend my thanks to the Dream Defenders, at least they are doing something.

I am of a political nature, a political animal so I do not know how or what will solve all of our souring race relations and black on black crime.  Yet I do have ideas and ideas are seeds to a better tomorrow.


 1) Every state and commonwealth in the Union must have a Civil Rights Commission with such powers to open and reopen cases, act as an agent of arbitration, and investigation of injustices based on race, age, gender, religion, and nationality.

2) Every state and commonwealth must have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, patterned after Nelson Mandela’s plan  to focus on heal wounds.

3) Corporations that made money from North American Slavery like the Rothschild’s, Well Fargo, and Bank of America must pay the descendants of African American slaves a sum not exceeding $5,000.

4) Reform the education system in some areas. Depower the Teacher’s union grasp in inner city schools. Produce hands on education that diversify students’ learning and talent. ( )

5) Abolish some of the drug laws and End the Drug War.  First time and nonviolent users should be and must arrested and place in rehab centers instead of prisons.  The penalty between crack and cocaine sentences must be equal and the same.

 6) National Guard or a special tactic unit must be called in to move the warring gangs from the streets of Chicago, Detroit, and any place where gang violence is evident.

 7) Arrest and prosecuted the agents within the United States government who shipped and sell hard drugs into the American inner-city for the past 40 years.

 8) All racial and cultural supremacy groups with a history of excessive violence shall be treated as a terrorist organization under the Force Acts of 1870 and 1871 and other Civil rights laws.

 9) All student gang members shall be subjected to night stays in Funeral Homes and Mortuaries.

 10) All Drop outs would be subject to draft into Public Works projects or into an employment assistants program.

 11) Unwed Men who fathered more than 3 children with three or more Unmarried women shall be jail and fined. The third and the next numbers of mothers shall be fine not exceeding $500. I don't care if its Racist Ted Nugent or Antonio Cromartie. ( )

 12) Election Commission that take redistricting out of the hands of the state politicians and end Gerrymandering.

 13) The teachings of the Value System must and should be started and endured in the home.

 This is a start to solve the problems we as a people and a nation.
- Justin P. Williams

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