Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rolling Anger Part 2

Before I continue my “harsh self-reflection and harsh solutions” for Black America from Part 1, let me introduce Tommy Sotomayor, an African American talk show host and You Tuber from the State of Georgia. I don’t always like or even agree with Tommy Sotomayor, but when I do. It’s when the feminist movement is destroying the black community. It is when the welfare state is making manhood useless and the wussifcation of young men.

Feminism according to some is nothing more than a middle class white woman’s struggle against white men and his “power”. This can be explained on this Channel 4 news from the UK and their Youtube video title ‘Solidarity is for White Women’. Even Nation of Islam’s Shaharazad Ali, a regular on HLN’s Dr. Drew’s show, even suggested that Feminism had destroyed the family within the Black Community and entire American family as well. This too can be referenced in a Tommy Sotomayor’s Youtube video entitled “Blk Woman Putting Sistas in Check!”

We as black men are doing the work of the Neo Nazi, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Conservative Neo Confederates since the mid 1970’s. Our gangs, our crimes, our riots and our stupidity are doing the work of Hitler, David Duke, Alexander Stephens, and Bull Conner etc. Why is that? Why are two or three generations of African American under 35 being wiped out on the streets of Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore, and Detroit? Why is it there are more Black women with children then black men having them? It is because of the lack strong men and the decrease of manhood made part by feminism. The government is so inclined to help the woman to reproduce, but refuse to help or guild the man in the situation. The government and the system seemly force those children of those unwed mothers to have two choices: be captive in the Prison Industrial Complex or be ordered and controlled in the Military industrial Complex. None of those choices spell Freedom.

In the Aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial, Fox News anchor and douche bag Bill ‘O Reilly and other conservatives use the violence in Chicago and other places as a cop out and distract from the Jordan Davis/Michael Mann case and others similar to it. Yet CNN Anchor Don Lemon made a butt kiss reply in backing up Bill ‘O Reilly a week later. However he made another commentary two weeks later after being hammered by black twitters. It took a white author named Robert Wise to call out Don Lemon and his foolishness. Don Lemon suggested in a lame attempt that “pulling up your pants, stop saying Nigger, and other things won’t stop racism”. However, Don Lemon defends and backs up Bill ‘O Reilly who said doing those things causes racism. How dumb, how stupid do you think we are, Don Lemon? Someone like a Don Lemon presents another problem in the black community. The African American community is socially conservative for the most part and it does make strange bed fellows within the Democratic Party where church goers are down. The underlying problem is the Down Low effect that is causing a riff between the sexes in the Black Community. Down low is when men who practice homosexuality while pretending to be straight or asexual. Don Lemon forgot or better yet refuses to mention that Down Lowing is the one of the main reasons HIV and Aids hit the Black community hard. Then again CNN has a homosexual agenda since 2006 and that Mr. Lemon is a gay man as well.

There is hope in the world. Young educated men are taking a stand on these issues and refuse to apologize for it. Maybe we are a people; a culture can turn things around. One bright light is that of Hip Hop Artist David Banner, who said these immoral words at a 2007Special event on the B.E.T panel: “if you want to change society, close your legs”.

To be continued........

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