Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Ingornace Men Would Say


There used to be a quote that states “evil springs when good men do nothing”. I am not sure whether that are the exact words, but it still presents a clear and utter danger to democracy and the well-being of man. Evil, from what I see before me, starts from ignorance. Down right, repulsing stupidity that causes drops in one’s intelligence and erodes civility. This is not about ideology, religion,wonder what type of Christian is there to call one of the best spokesmen of Christianity (MLK), a Marxist. In the Bible, Moses’s sister was cursed by the Almighty for criticizing Moses’s marriage to an Black African, but yet that same individual who beat the Bible verses on folks’ head stated that Interracial marriages should discouraged. Maybe, just maybe, the person should read Numbers 12:1-15 before spewing racial talk.

That word Racism brings me to another topic starring those Neo-Confederates refighting the Civil War. I am sorry that you are born one hundred sixty plus years too late. Heck I even wish you were there instead of defiling history today. Saying that the Confederacy isn’t a product of slavery and extreme white domination is a lie. This isn’t about the flag anymore; this is about trying to whitewash history to benefit your cause. Every proof stems from official speeches, major documents, and state and national CSA constitutions proclaim defense of black slavery and fear of racial mixing. They also use the war to blame the break-up of the union on anti-slavery movements and free blacks. Talk about double standards, it is sickening to have people who show up at church on Sunday morning to treat others like a piece of turd on Monday. I am not surprise by the comments above. Some say there that the majority is above the age 40, others say the site is not diverse. But whatever is the case presents a sad and SHAMEFUL reality, when men, grown men, act like Chicken Little instead of men of character, honestly, and WISDOM!!!!!!

I shall not apologize for any statement I made tonight. Enough is enough with the foolishness.