Friday, May 20, 2011

An Alternative Middle East policy.

Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.
-Psalm 34:14

I am sorry Mr. President. I beg to differ on your Middle Eastern policy. However I do like a new idea from the President instead of rehashing of the same ole same ole 60 plus year playbook. I am not a fan of either nation (including Israel) in that region. Giving Jerusalem to the Arab nation of Palestine presents a clear danger to the Western world and the United States. The world does not need another “empire” that threatens the world. Our nation have lost too much blood in fighting Southern slavery mills, the Third Reich, Distant Asian Militarist Kingdoms, Marxism, and Islamic Fascism.

To conservatives who blasted President Obama for “throwing” Israel under the bus. The blame should also be placed on the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netyauhyau for being a warmonger during his first term as Prime Minster. I trust the leader of Israel the same way, I trust the leaders of Arab Nations. Neither of them are any good for peace for the world. I would also like to remind conservatives, libertarians, and the pro-Israeli lobby, that AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY should be independent of any nation. I would also like to remind conservatives that Palestine should no longer be treated like the Native Americans, the Black Africans in South Africa, African- Americans, minorities, and even Jews in the Europe. A message of Martin Luther King and that of Psalm 34:14 must be norm in Foreign Policy in this area of the world.

Instead of doing the same ole same ole 60 year game. New solutions need to be out front and center and not be bothered by the Glenn Beck’s or the Rev John Hagee’s of the world. We need….NO WE MUST…explore ALL OPTIONS. One State, Two State, Three state, and even International state proposals must be on the table. This is why I respect Israeli-American Avisar Yossi and his One State “Confederation” Plan. Even the international city plan from Former New York Mayor Ed Koch should be looked at as well.

Here is my solution to the Israeli-Arab problem.

Article 1: All nations within the Middle East must recognized the state and the people of Israel.

Article 2: All minority rights in Israel and Palestine shall be respect though civil, political, and social reforms.

Article 3: An international commission of 28 nations shall be created to protect the peace in Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon.
A) Each nation shall be appointed by Security Council of the United Nations.
B) The commission of 28 shall consists of fourteen (14) western democracies and fourteen (14) Islamic nations.
C) This commission shall run its course for 50 years.
D) The Swiss Guard shall assist in policing the two nations.

Article 4: All signers shall agree to a non aggressive policy toward one other.

Article 5: All Religious buildings, sites, speech and freedom shall be respect by all parties.

Article 6: The sovereignty of Lebanon shall be respected by all parties.

Article 7: All parties must created legal and fair trade with Israel, Lebanon, and Palestine.

Article 8: The commission nations shall seek and dismantled terrorist organizations under the constitutional laws of each individual nation.

Article 9: All nations in the Middle East Region agree on reducing the sell, purchasing, and lending of weapons and arms.

Article 10: The parties shall impose an ban on nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons in the region.

Article 11: All parties shall have the right of self defense.

Article 12: The commission shall enforce all regulations lawfully.

Article 13: This treaty as well as the commission shall expire in fifty (50) years.

Article 14: The State of Israel & the Kingdom of Jordan shall each have a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council.

Here are other options.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

30th Texas House Redistricting.

Late last week, a "friend" among others emailed me about the proposed shifts in the districts for the next election. He told me to look at 30th Texas House district. Much to my "amazement" (roll eyes), three counties is suddenly dumped into three house district respectively. One county, Dewitt, is dumped into a district that is east of Austin, while Lavaca is dumped with Washington County, Austin County, and others west of Houston. I saw the fishiness, if that is a word, from the very get go. When one looks at the census data, the makeup, and/or the voting history, one can be certain the proposal might violate the Voting rights act of 1965 and various anti-gerrymandering laws.

Each district is based on population accordingly to U.S. Census. The County of Lavaca have a drop in population due to lack of "jobs" and the very aging citizenry. The county of Dewitt have witness, if I am not mistaken, the a slight increase of minorities. Although those are not a factor because those counties historically vote Conservative or Republican, so the question remains why the shift? The stories within the past few years in the crossroads area may be the clues behind such a shift.

One could look at the drop out rate at VISD, whenever VISD pass gas the area schools smells it. Much like how the whole Stroman/Victoria High/Memorial High matter resulted in sending students to Cuero, Edna, Hallettsville, and Yoakum. The other problem, Education connected, is the Crossroads Commission on Education. The Crossroads means Victoria and its surrounding counties. It is a slap in the face of those in Lavaca, Dewitt Jackson, and Refugio counties. The third item which is education connected. Since the passage of HB3015 in March 2003, people under 30 have a harder time to obtain the means of living in Victoria or to leave Victoria all together. Which leads to a fourth point is the decreasing economic opportunities for those under 30, when they have no education to back them up, especially when there are higher taxes and mall stores closures. How could anyone want to build a new university when those student can not afford the tuition or can not get a decent job to pay the tuition.

The Second issue is the local controversies. We in this current district have a District Attorney who hires a sex offender, a former sheriff (Ratcliff), another area District Attorney ( Bobby Bell) who made questionable civil rights issues, and a Mayor (Armstrong) who was arrested. When are the people are going stop being attention at the "R" next to their name, the bumper sticker talk, or the laughable claim of being “conservative” and look at how they treated all of their citizens.

All of these problems could spell trouble for one who holds the highest political seat in the area. Two counties of the North had produce opposition to this officeholder during the 2004 election in form of Write-in candidate David L Meyers. This incumbent also seats on the Redistricting board in the Texas House of Representatives. This is what we get when an uneducated house wife have the keys of education and economic power.

State Representative District 30
... Geanie W. David L. ... ... ...
... Morrison Myers Total Total ...
County REP IND Votes Voters TurnOut
ALL COUNTIES 35,793 (87.40%) 5,158 (12.59%) 40,951 96,523 42.42%
DEWITT 4,889 (94.71%) 273 (5.28%) 5,162 12,463 41.41%
JACKSON 3,349 (90.61%) 347 (9.38%) 3,696 9,536 38.75%
LAVACA 4,927 (73.99%) 1,732
(26.00%) 6,659 13,999 47.56%
REFUGIO 1,831 (74.91%) 613 (25.08%) 2,444 5,787 42.23%
VICTORIA 20,797 (90.46%) 2,193 (9.53%) 22,990 54,738 42.00%

The problem is where. Where is that local newspaper? When will that paper stop being the VECD Advocate and be the VICTORIA ADVOCATE ?!?! When will that paper address and question those in power why Lavaca, Jackson, and Dewitt is being jettison? Will the paper ask why these counties being jettison ? And is it for reason to hold one’s political seat? It is time for you Victoria Advocate to stand up against GERRYMANDERING !!!!