Monday, January 10, 2011

A Rebuke of the Geanie Morrison Abortion Bill!!!!

I’ve made a similar blog two or three years ago over this topic. How can we, as a society, overcome this issue, we may never know. It may not resolve itself peaceful thus setting a a stage for another Civil Conflict. The reason why this issue of abortion will not end peaceful because of the political masters, their puppets, and the loony bin wack jobs that are playing the field. The story about the Morrison-Patrick bill is proof that SOCIAL CONSERVATISM doesn’t work!!!!!!! I find it very interesting that some who commented on this story ( ) refuse to think outside the box while displaying an attitude that actually start abortions. Let me make myself clear, I am “Pro-life”, but not Pro-life. Before someone claimed I made a typo or a spelling error. Do not be fool. I distanced myself from the Pro-life movement for many reasons. I used to be Pro-Choice, I am no longer based on many reason as well. This issue is TOO COMPLEX to just black or white and left or right. The question that should be asked is whether government have role in this? The intent of the bill is to save, not a child, but the political career and legacy of one, Geanie Morrison. Anyone who have a pulse and a brainstem could see hypocrisy in the actions of a housewife-turned-state rep and a hate talk radio hosted turned state senator. A few months ago, Senator Dan Patrick was whooping and hollering on WOAI’s Joe Pags about “Obamacare’s” incursion in America. At the Tea Party rally in Victoria, Texas, the State Rep Morrison voiced about freedom and the opposition to the Health Care Bill.

If it is wrong for liberal Democratic Washington to force citizens to pay for Health Insurance, then shouldn’t it be wrong for Conservative Republican Austin to force women to have ultrasounds? If socialism is wrong then should FEUDALISM should be as well. One CAN NOT have his cake and eat it too. If Mrs. Morrison was so concern about the plight of the unborn, then she should look to her own failed polices. The education system in her home county is proof of this. A student, who gains a High School Diploma or higher are least likely to have unwanted children. Consider this how many within the Victoria I.S.D dropout in the past two years? Six out of Ten students. She should also make adoptions easier. Extend adoptions to homosexual couples and/or have 75% tax break for those who adopt. Maybe she should also crack down on deadbeat fathers, especially those who impregnate one woman after another after another. The reason behind the drop in abortions wasn’t Mrs. Morrison, Social Conservatism, or the so-called Christian Coalition. It was EDUCATION, AWARENESS, RESPONSIBILITY, FAITH, and COMPASSION.

Going back earlier, I said that I am “Pro-life” but not Pro-life. I am not Pro-Choice because abortion is not acceptable way to end a problem. I am strongly against partial birth abortion. I also see liberalism as SELF DEFEATING CONCEPT. Liberalism had help minorities in the quest of obtaining civil rights and liberties. However the agents of Liberalism supports having many abortions clinics in or near Black and Hispanic population centers. Some could say the African-American population would be over 25% without Roe v. Wade, which in my opinion the feminist’s war against child birth. I am not Pro-Life because I support stem cell research and I want women to have the option in case of rape, incest, endangerment, and a pregnancy of the young. I also resent the harmful attitudes from social conservatives and the Christian Right. Plus the nut jobs who display pictures of dead children outside of schools.

Although I am not a woman, I do understand that the decision isn’t an easy one. If we use education instead of devalue it; Awareness instead of ignorance; and responsibility instead of accusing “ it’s the woman’s fault”. With Faith and compassion, we can overcome.