Monday, August 2, 2010

The Real Matt Ocker

I would like to introduce you to Mr. Matt Ocker, the Republican candidate for County Judge. Over the past couple of months , Ocker prides himself of being a man of honor and wisdom. His words speaks for themselves. He talks about the Nastiness and Lies, but lets judge Mr. Ocker by his own words.

Before I begin here are some of my sources.

“It might be more productive to just have a boxing match. A battle of wits with the unarmed just doesn't do it for me. You aren't PHYSICALLY disabled, are you?” 1/24/2010

“I just read your reply. Like I said, you are part of the problem. You have no desire for anyone to drop partisan politics, namely you. Pleas just start acting like your leader Mike, and stop pretending that you love this country.” 10/3/2009

“you are such a coward” 10/3/2009

“Don, Your opinion means about as much to me as used toilet paper” 5/15/2009

“Ah...we have another winner. Another person incapable of reading comprehension” 5/15/2009

“onewhoshappy: I will spend the rest of the day reflecting with great discernment on your thought-provoking post…..Sorry, but I can't make myself ignorant or apathetic to please you”


onewhoshappy: ”Matt, your last sentence is exactly what I was mentioning to you. You wrote "of those incapable of debating". Do you see how that is demeaning? You demean others while you lift yourself” MattOcker’s reply: “Cumbaya, my friends, cumbaya.” I know who Smartypanz is and rest assured she is NOT a police officer's


“It is people like you that the rest of us should fear. Anyone looking to restrict or eliminate the freedoms of others is far more of a threat than a gun enthusiast or hobbyist. Gabe should look into prescription drug abusers. These people pose a far greater public risk. BTW, what kind of pills do you have in your medicine cabinet.”


“Don Mader, Read BIGJ's post, and you will know what a flip-flop looks like.” 5/20/2009

"I'm extremely upset that Obama won the election. I think he's a communist," Ocker said. "I think the only reason he won is because of the collective stupidity of this country. They hate communists but they vote Democrat. I don't understand that."

January 20, 2009

Here is the question do you want this man to lead Victoria County? FYI this blog and comments will resurface before election day one way or the other