Friday, May 7, 2010

Alternative Immigration Policy

For the pass twenty or thirty years , the topic of immigration has been a hot button issue filled with emotions and fear. Liberals and conservatives had exploited the issue that no one is talking with one other, but pass each other.
We allow our political prophets, social demagogues, hate talk radio, and media hacks govern debate, while blocking the gateway towards a meaningful solution. Three years ago, Speaker Nancy Pelosi hinted to a crowd, that a Nazi-type force would take away children etc. There are certain groups and individuals urging Hispanics, legal or non-legal, to birth more children to reclaimed the “lost lands”. On the other side, there are those who are fearful of losing their “racial superiority” to the influx of Hispanic. One example is Conservative “preacher” Jesse Lee Peterson, who uses the now-closed website “Choose Black America” to pit one minority against another.
The law passed in Arizona is based on politics pure and simple. One would have to ask if the border was so bad, why didn’t the governor, as commander-in-chief of the state militia, the state police, and the national guard use that power to curl the problem? It seems to the author of this blog, that this is nothing more than political football in an election year. The governor ,Jan Brewer, had all of her constitutional duties to stop border violence. The newly minted governor was down in the polls for an election to a full term. Now her ratings are up which cause Sheriff Joe Arpaio to drop out of the governor’s race. Texas State Rep Leo Berman suggested bringing the law to Texas since Texas Rick Perry refuse to act. Although Perry did convinced Breman to stay out of the GOP primary in a promise to fix the problem.
The author of this blog opposed this law not because of FEAR and DISHONESTLY, BUT BECAUSE of a SENSE OF HISTORY and anger towards a certain mentality. In many ways, history repeats itself. One example is the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 . The law prohibited Northern states and cities from hiding escaping slaves from the south. Slave owners, bounty hunters, and even the police recaptured lost slaves. However, free Northern Blacks was not immune as some were sent south toward tyranny . The 4th amendment must be protected; the 14th amendment must be honored, and the Civil Rights Acts must be obeyed. Having said that, I do not mean supporting illegal immigration and open borders.
From the Adams-Onis Treaty to the Gadsden Purchase of 1853, a group of people were caught in the middle as borders move over across them. A certain pride develops in response to land grant issues and prejudice. People come to this land to better themselves and the next generation. However there are those who seek to exploit them. Those wanted semi-slavery and to use the weakness in border to bring death and chaos.
Real solutions is needed, but not from liberals, the unions, and social groups. Not from conservatives, the country club elites, and hate talk radio. Here are real solutions from me.

1) Build temporary wall, Physical or laser sensor, along the Southern Border for 20 years.
2) Create a task force group to combat drug lords and coyotes on the border.
3) Heavily fine cities and counties that aid illegal immigration.
4) Punish any police officer or citizen who violates the 4th amendment , the 14th amendment and the Civil Rights Acts.
5) Punish those who mistreat illegal aliens.
6) Heavy fine, punish, or deport an illegal .
7) A child (16 and under) born to an illegal is America citizen under the 14th amendment, he or she shall be deported with the parents.
8) Ease the pathway for citizenship. Limit immigration from Eastern World,
9) Create more guest worker programs.
10) Create a American Foreign Legion to encourage or draft Illegal alien males to become citizens
11) End NAFTA and place high tariffs on countries that produce illegal immigration.
12) Granted the government to sue Corporations and businesses that hire Illegal immigrants.
13) Land grants from the 1800’s must be studied, honored and carried out, if possible.