Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A New Education

If education is so important to us all, our nation wouldn’t be plagued by high drop out rates, gangs, and shootings. The education system in Texas and in the nation is nothing more than a building block for the prison industrial complex.

Conservatives want one to believe that outside forces are the blame. They blame failures on pop culture, music, birth control, and condoms. While displaying half-baked , alarmist, and demagogue attitude towards a “minority” points of view. Conservatives, in recent years, argued that the solution for teen pregnancy is “Abstinence Only” programs. They also believe in mandatory drug testing as a solution to the drug and gangs problems with “No Tolerance Rules” and school uniforms. This does not encourage freedom and privacy of the student nor respect the rights of the parent.

Minorities, within the next coming decade, will become the majority. Social conservatives and the naive are alarmed by “multiculturalism” and believe that learning about America’s past sins is evil. To prove this point, one must look at the conservative led Texas Board of Education. Since late summer 2009, conservatives proposed that figures like Caesar Chavez and Justice Thurgood Marshall to be removed or grossed over in textbooks. If they can remove a figure a like Chavez, one can wonder what might to happen to Martin Luther King or Fredrick Douglas?

Liberals, progressives, and unions believe throwing money at the problem is the solution. They blame it on the lack of funding, a proper diet, and even parents. They, like conservatives, display Elitist attitude of helplessness. The liberal approach to sex education is as dangerous as that of conservatives. The approach argues that sex should be “taught” by actively applying condoms on fruit, while handing out contraceptives without parental involvement or a lesson in personal responsibility.

Another approach on gangs and the drop out rate. One example is a tragic case in Chicago, where a young African American man was killed by a group of thugs. This person, Derrion Albert, was an A student and would have been the next American success story. To make matters worse, a city council member told a CNN reporter (Don Lemon), that the lack of funding and social services are the blame. What about personal responsibility, the value system, and community awareness?

Either we as a society, look at the problems head on or we shall enslave ourselves. Here are my proposal to contribute.

1) It is time to realize that the education system isn’t one size fits all. Abolish “No Child Left Behind” and standardized testing.

2) To curl the drop out rate is to empower that student. Students involved in extracurricular activities are less likely into gangs and drugs. Female students are less likely to be pregnant in high school. Encouraging at risk students to be involved in something. Adding reasonable points to their grade would help. Also, encourage work programs for the least wealthy students.

3) Add more “hands on” education to the curriculum. Not everyone is going to be a doctor or lawyer. Nurses, plumbers, barbers, cooks, and even farmers are needed.

4) Remove political and religious extremism from the public education. If Sexually explicated material are banned, then banned Abortion posters with dead babies as well. Have a neutral, respectable, and honest sex education. Encourage Teen mothers to stay in school, but offer night classes or home schooling as an alternative.

5) Gang members and drug dealers in schools are required to be placed into “Scared Straight” programs (ie; spending the night at a cold funeral home).

6) Repeal HB3015

Education should be the key to freedom from poverty, oppression, hunger, suppression, and even ignorance. It should not be a key to. Our education system should be for everyone, not just for the well-to-do. A time for a New Education for the 21st century.