Saturday, January 16, 2010

BIGJ vs. Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo

It seem to me that your disagreements about the President tells me more about you, than you are letting on. Pete, the gentleman who called you Monday, considered you to be a racist. Pete and people like myself may not know what is in your heart. However you statements, past or present, are suspect. One doesn’t have to say anything to be a considered a racist, it can be one’s silence on some issues that makes one a racist as well. Granted, you slammed Senator Harry Reid for his comment as you should, but a few months ago you defend and allow your listeners defend Rush Limbaugh over his “Barack the Magic Negro”. You also sat on your hands about the Texas Education Board removing minority figures from Texas textbooks. You were silent when your other fellow talk show host Sean Hannity’s friendship with New Jersey Neo-Nazi leader Hal Turner. You NEVER touch on Jesse Lee Patterson’s statements on Glenn Beck that all Blacks are socialist. You DID NOT slam Liz Cheney’s comments that the Nazi shooting of the Jewish Museum wasn’t an act of terror. You also grossed over some of the anti-black posters such as the Obama witch doctor poster ( ), the Obama African Lion poster ( ), the threat sign, and the two slavery posters ( ) ( ) . The Tea Party are no better than the Dallas based Mink Coat Mob from the late 50’s and 60’s that created these posters in 1963 ( & ( )I am NOT writing to you to defend the President. I am writing to protest against you. Before you or your staff reply with the “I am defend Obama because he is Black”. I disagree with the President over Health Care and Cap & Trade, but you do NOT see me with the “SOCIALIST/ UNAMERICAN” NAME CALLING. You and your cast at WOAI will the Father Coughings, Bruce Alger’s of the 21st century .You say that President is an elitists, maybe, but you are one too for banning people when they dared to challenge you for an one on one debate. Because of this and more, I will vote and donate my hard earn money to re-elect President Barack Obama in 2012.