Monday, November 23, 2009

A Rush to Immaturity.

Since opening up my hometown paper, I had to chuckle when the President of the United States was called “immature” by who else than Rush Limbaugh . I had to turn to the NEW WEBSTER DICTIONARY, which states, “not bought in complete state”. Rush’s thinking is not in a complete state either. I mean does this sounds like a pot calling the kettle black?
I do not blame the Obama Administration in striking back at Hate Talk Radio. However the White House is doing things the wrong way in “punishing” Fox News. If I were in that position, surprise and damaging counter attacks would be made. Something of that Presidents Jackson , Truman, and LBJ would had done. For example, making unannounced appearances on FOX NEWS and WOAI confronting certain personalities. I would ask some questions directly -in person- on air.
For example Sean Hannity. I would ask Sean, if he is so bothered by the likes of the so-called “Rev” Jeremiah Wright, then what about his relationship with Hal Turner, the Neo Nazi leader in New Jersey ? If someone would ask this question on Hannity’s TV and Radio show, he would not have his show within six months. The same can go for Glenn Beck for his anti-Muslim rhetoric; his “healthcare is preparations for slavery” comment; “Obama is a racist“ comment, and his inaction and approval of the so-called Rev Jesse Lee Peterson’s comments that all Black people are “socialist”.
This comes back to Rush Limbaugh. He claims that he isn’t a racist bigot. He is like a Crocodile that urged a rabbit that he won’t eat him while crossing the river.
He referred President Obama as a “man-child”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out what “man-child” means. That word is nothing more than a racial codeword for “boy” . Rush not a racist? What a croc of shit.
That my friends is IMMATURE.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Patterns of History

There are people on here that said this forum is filled with anger and hate. That civility is gone.
I for one, do not and will not apologize for my past comments. I will also discard the apology I made for the time being. Yes, I am an angry person, yes I am not a happy camper. I, right or wrong, have a strong dislike and distrust of the conservative movement. The comments made in response to Mr. Leonard Pitts’ Op-Ed piece are the reasons why I have these feelings.
You see I am a student of history and I see patterns. Dangerous patterns, I see and hear on talk radio programs, television, and on the very pages of this paper.

What dangerous patterns?

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln won the Presidency. Southern States protested and succeed from the Union. Hours after the results of the 2008 Presidential election, I read a blog on this very same forum expressing the need for Texas to succeed from the Union. After trying to obtain information on why; I receive no answer. Let’s also not forget Governor Rick Perry, who suggested the same at a Tea Bag party event in Austin.

During the late 1950’s and early 60’s, there was the Mink Coat Mob led by Congressman Bruce Alger. Some could say that the Mink Coat Mob is the forerunner to the Soccer mom movement and today’s Tea Baggers. The Mink Coat women not only protest, but slander, insulted, and even assaulted public officials.
L.B.J and his family was spat at and attack during his duel Vice Presidential/Senatorial 1960 campaign. They also attack U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Stevenson in Dallas, Texas. They also made the “JFK for Treason” posters days before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Last April or so, the potential Republican Party Candidate for Victoria County Judge held a poster about Tyranny. Plus this person use Thomas Jefferson quotes. I guess the person in question also know the quote, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants“.
I guess the person in question also believe assassinating public officials and their supporters ( collective stupidity as he calls it) because he disagree.

History vs Propaganda

According to the Webster Dictionary, the word “propaganda” has a clear definition.
“ The dissemination and defense of beliefs, opinion, or action deem salutary to the program of a particular group; the propagation of doctrine and tenets of special interest, as an effort to give credence to information partly or wholly fallacious”.
The reason I’m quoting this not because little ole man can’t spell nor read. NO !!!!!. It is because someone need to look things up instead of tying to whitewash past events. One can NOT cherry pick history nor have selective memory while being honest. History should be taught in an honest and open way; not who’s version or the “Might Makes RIGHT” version.
Texas gain its independence for several reasons. One reason is that President Santa Anna was a cruel tyrant to everyone. Second reason because those settlers have different outlook than many Mexicans. Which is caused by third reason, that Texas was isolated from Mexico proper in terms in security, economic, and taxation. The fourth and most overlooked reason is slavery itself. This is why I stated the word “partially“.
This is the main point of this blog. Most “Texicans” were from Southern Conservative Slave states. I can traced my roots from the Carolinas. That wasn’t an easy job for a descendent of slaves to trace his family history.
Mexico, a newly freed republic, had kept some if not most, of Spanish laws. One law pretends for the usage of slave labor. According to the decree made by Mexican President Vicente Guerrero in 1829, Mexico outlawed slavery. This had cause tensions between the White Southern Settlers and Mexico. This means that a person born a slave would gain freedom at the age of 16. This also means that a child of a slave is not a slave.
History, REAL HISTORY, should be taught. Everything that happen should be taught. The problem is teachers who are more interested in ideology than education. In my days in Jr. High and High School, most of my teachers were like Peter Aparicio. Sometimes I get in trouble for challenging and questioning my teachers.

Views that contain this Might makes Right mentality. THAT IS propaganda. Instead of the whining and crying about the President's speech, they should be worrying about how our STATE REP Geanie Morrison hijack Higher Education.

“Fear always springs from ignorance.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson