Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rolling Anger Part 3: Solutions.

In the comment section of that letter, a gentleman of the name Mike Austin made this statement, “A page for tit for tat, fingering pointing does absolutely nothing the way of a solution”. Then he continues later on, “you put forth the effort to add suggestions that might some answer to the unrest”.  Thus he was right.  Where are the solutions to the problem?  Where were such offers?  Far too long we as American citizens allow the extreme, the fringe, the Naïve, and the bitter voices to dictate the terms and to hinder the process.

 Older African American leaders like Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have spent publicity more time marching and protesting while the” intellects”  like Cornell West and media types Tavis Smiley embarrass themselves in coon-like fashion. Then you have those who speak the harsh “truth” and make the points, yet experiencing serious blowback.   None of these men have the solutions or detail ideas to fix the problem. It is shameful and sad that 30-40 years were wasted on foolishness on marches that lack strategy, protest that are fleeting, and action that is hollow. It is time for the new generation of men to claim and reclaim their place in this society and fix these social problems. The torch is not being passed, but it sure needed to be taken. How many blood stained streets, unarmed victims, empty stomachs, and uneducated must there for one to wake up? However I would like to extend my thanks to the Dream Defenders, at least they are doing something.

I am of a political nature, a political animal so I do not know how or what will solve all of our souring race relations and black on black crime.  Yet I do have ideas and ideas are seeds to a better tomorrow.


 1) Every state and commonwealth in the Union must have a Civil Rights Commission with such powers to open and reopen cases, act as an agent of arbitration, and investigation of injustices based on race, age, gender, religion, and nationality.

2) Every state and commonwealth must have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, patterned after Nelson Mandela’s plan  to focus on heal wounds.

3) Corporations that made money from North American Slavery like the Rothschild’s, Well Fargo, and Bank of America must pay the descendants of African American slaves a sum not exceeding $5,000.

4) Reform the education system in some areas. Depower the Teacher’s union grasp in inner city schools. Produce hands on education that diversify students’ learning and talent. ( )

5) Abolish some of the drug laws and End the Drug War.  First time and nonviolent users should be and must arrested and place in rehab centers instead of prisons.  The penalty between crack and cocaine sentences must be equal and the same.

 6) National Guard or a special tactic unit must be called in to move the warring gangs from the streets of Chicago, Detroit, and any place where gang violence is evident.

 7) Arrest and prosecuted the agents within the United States government who shipped and sell hard drugs into the American inner-city for the past 40 years.

 8) All racial and cultural supremacy groups with a history of excessive violence shall be treated as a terrorist organization under the Force Acts of 1870 and 1871 and other Civil rights laws.

 9) All student gang members shall be subjected to night stays in Funeral Homes and Mortuaries.

 10) All Drop outs would be subject to draft into Public Works projects or into an employment assistants program.

 11) Unwed Men who fathered more than 3 children with three or more Unmarried women shall be jail and fined. The third and the next numbers of mothers shall be fine not exceeding $500. I don't care if its Racist Ted Nugent or Antonio Cromartie. ( )

 12) Election Commission that take redistricting out of the hands of the state politicians and end Gerrymandering.

 13) The teachings of the Value System must and should be started and endured in the home.

 This is a start to solve the problems we as a people and a nation.
- Justin P. Williams

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rolling Anger Part 2

Before I continue my “harsh self-reflection and harsh solutions” for Black America from Part 1, let me introduce Tommy Sotomayor, an African American talk show host and You Tuber from the State of Georgia. I don’t always like or even agree with Tommy Sotomayor, but when I do. It’s when the feminist movement is destroying the black community. It is when the welfare state is making manhood useless and the wussifcation of young men.

Feminism according to some is nothing more than a middle class white woman’s struggle against white men and his “power”. This can be explained on this Channel 4 news from the UK and their Youtube video title ‘Solidarity is for White Women’. Even Nation of Islam’s Shaharazad Ali, a regular on HLN’s Dr. Drew’s show, even suggested that Feminism had destroyed the family within the Black Community and entire American family as well. This too can be referenced in a Tommy Sotomayor’s Youtube video entitled “Blk Woman Putting Sistas in Check!”

We as black men are doing the work of the Neo Nazi, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Conservative Neo Confederates since the mid 1970’s. Our gangs, our crimes, our riots and our stupidity are doing the work of Hitler, David Duke, Alexander Stephens, and Bull Conner etc. Why is that? Why are two or three generations of African American under 35 being wiped out on the streets of Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore, and Detroit? Why is it there are more Black women with children then black men having them? It is because of the lack strong men and the decrease of manhood made part by feminism. The government is so inclined to help the woman to reproduce, but refuse to help or guild the man in the situation. The government and the system seemly force those children of those unwed mothers to have two choices: be captive in the Prison Industrial Complex or be ordered and controlled in the Military industrial Complex. None of those choices spell Freedom.

In the Aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial, Fox News anchor and douche bag Bill ‘O Reilly and other conservatives use the violence in Chicago and other places as a cop out and distract from the Jordan Davis/Michael Mann case and others similar to it. Yet CNN Anchor Don Lemon made a butt kiss reply in backing up Bill ‘O Reilly a week later. However he made another commentary two weeks later after being hammered by black twitters. It took a white author named Robert Wise to call out Don Lemon and his foolishness. Don Lemon suggested in a lame attempt that “pulling up your pants, stop saying Nigger, and other things won’t stop racism”. However, Don Lemon defends and backs up Bill ‘O Reilly who said doing those things causes racism. How dumb, how stupid do you think we are, Don Lemon? Someone like a Don Lemon presents another problem in the black community. The African American community is socially conservative for the most part and it does make strange bed fellows within the Democratic Party where church goers are down. The underlying problem is the Down Low effect that is causing a riff between the sexes in the Black Community. Down low is when men who practice homosexuality while pretending to be straight or asexual. Don Lemon forgot or better yet refuses to mention that Down Lowing is the one of the main reasons HIV and Aids hit the Black community hard. Then again CNN has a homosexual agenda since 2006 and that Mr. Lemon is a gay man as well.

There is hope in the world. Young educated men are taking a stand on these issues and refuse to apologize for it. Maybe we are a people; a culture can turn things around. One bright light is that of Hip Hop Artist David Banner, who said these immoral words at a 2007Special event on the B.E.T panel: “if you want to change society, close your legs”.

To be continued........

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rolling Anger

It has been a long time since I publish anything on this blog. Within the past two months, I decided to challenge the bigotry, the ignorance, and the child like attitude in the opinion page of the Victoria Advocate. I felt compelled to directly and publicly to let my voice be heard. The George Zimmerman case served as the primer, a catalyst to my righteous indignation and hopefully a “future plan”. The Crossroads area i.e.: Victoria and its surrounding counties displayed an atmosphere of ideological superiority and the belief that “might makes right”. This is a mentality depending on its political, social, and possible cultural supremacy without honest refection.

One writer, Joy, on the Victoria Advocate opinion page stated that Trayvon Martin was a thug and deserved to be shot. This was on the July 17 edition of the paper. As a young black man, I could no longer take it. On July 24th, I fired back if Trayvon Martin was a thug,” then what does that make Mr. George Zimmerman with a record of domestic violence and possible drug use?” With the logic of the woman name joy, I wonder if she would blame rape victim for being a party girl. I also wrote that this mentality of “Might make Right” breeds ignorance, misunderstanding, naiveté and hypocrisy. Since I clicked the “send” button to the Victoria Advocate, the response from local conservatives proved my point.

  It is too easy to blame pimp preachers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for racial tensions. But I don’t see conservatives call out Sean Hannity for his ties to Neo Nazi leader Hal Turner, Glenn Beck attacks on the Obama daughters in August 2010; none of them challenge Michael Berry for his radio minstrel “Shirley Q. Liquor” nor they will touch Rush Limbaugh for his Barack the Magic Nergo parodies. This supremacist attitude can be display like Bill ‘O Reilly. This man launch a boycott of Pepsi over the Ads featuring hip hop artist Ludacris, but refuse to boycott the Pepsi ads starring Ozzie Osborne, who have a record of drug abuse and animal abuse. Who would you have? A black rapper from Atlanta, Georgia who raps about partying, sex, and women or a limey Brit who bites heads off of rats and bats? You tell me. The author Robert Wise is right there is such thing as “White Privilege”. Maybe I should buy his book ‘White like Me’.

Opps, I am going a bit off topic here. Back to the Local Conservatives, The writer s after me my letter proves my point. Mrs. Jeneal Jackson of Goliad, Texas, wrote something that was foolish on the August 2, 2013 edition. She said the biggest racial problem in America is President Obama. Wow. Maybe just maybe she should take a look at her County Commissioner Ted Long, who made racial voice messages. This can be reference on this paper’s January 25, 2009 edition. Then Mrs. Jackson moved on to the education system. She stated that liberals ruined the education system. True she is right because of political correctness and Teacher Unions, but her HYPOCRISY is showing. I highly doubt she said a word about the fail education system in Texas. State Rep. Geanie Morrison wrote HB 3015 hinders students in higher education. She and her Aggie Donors attempted a hostile takeover of University of Houston-Victoria two years ago.

Then here comes Rick Cortez (August 1st, 2013)who said the President of the United States should have no say in these cases and he sacred of people with hoodies. I would like to remind Cortez and Jackson something know what the hell you talking about. I wonder would these two would apply that to George H.W. Bush on the Rodney King beating case, Lyndon Johnson on the “Mississippi Burning” event, or even John F. Kennedy during the Alabama school case. Mr. Cortez, excused me, but Trayvon Martin was wearing a hoodie because IT WAS RAINING that night. How stupid, how dumb can you be? Better yet, how stupid do you think we are? Fall is near and students are going to wear hoodies. High School, college, or even grown folks in the fall or wet weather will wear a hoodie. Who do you get your news from that so called Hispanic on Fox News? At last and not least the bigot writer Paul Drake of Victoria Texas, I am going to save him for last in different blog. People who look or pray different shouldn’t be treated like children or a threat.

Let me say this you are going to have deal with us. You are going to make a choice. We will no longer allow people like you to get away with spewing ignorance without a firm and hard challenge. The result of this case is one thing certain that it enraged and motivates the young EDUCATED African Americans into action and offer solutions. I hope my letter will or would encourage those who are black, Hispanic, liberal, Muslim, and those others do not fit in that type of thinking to make their voices heard publicly and not in the Barber shops, Word Press, Facebook, or even Blogger. It is easy to be a soldier when there’s no war. As for myself, I believe solutions are better made not from the sidelines, but in the arena. It is time to fight.

A SEQUEL to this blog will continue this. It will be one of harsh self-reflection and harsh solutions to the problem

Good for the Goose, Bad for the Gander?

On a letter I wrote on July 24, 2013, I expressed the mentality on this opinion page supporting a culture of “ignorance, naiveté, and hypocrisy”. The collective opinion that was expressed since then proves that point. On an August 2, 2013 letter, Mrs. Jeneal Jackson stated that liberals ruined the education system. That is very true, but I would hope Mrs. Jackson research State Rep. Morrison’s record, which hinders education in Texas. SB175 bill from May 2009 and the recent takeover attempt of UHV by Mrs. Morrison and her Aggie donors are examples. I assume if Mrs. Morrison’s name was changed to Mr. Obama, y’all would be up in arms. Texas is 49th in education and near the top in incarceration under Team Perry’s Neo-Feudalism. Mrs. Jackson and Mr. Rick Cortez (August 1, 2013), accused the President of being the biggest racial problem and shouldn’t have any say, respectfully. How, by answering a question and stressing the need for peaceful protest? I wonder would they apply that to George H.W. Bush after the Rodney King beating case, Lyndon Johnson on the “Mississippi Burning” event, or even John F. Kennedy during the Alabama school case? I wonder if Mrs. Jackson voted for a Goliad County Commissioner who made offensive comments back in 2009. This can be reference on this paper’s January 25, 2009 edition. Mr. Cortez should be reminded that Trayvon Martin was wearing a hoodie in the rain and many people, young or old, wear them. People who look or pray different shouldn’t be treated like children or as a threat. Paul Drake and those protesters, y’all say Benghazi, but what about the ’83 Beirut bombings? Let’s talk about conservative hypocrisy. If it is wrong for liberal Democratic Washington to interfere between a patient and the doctor, then shouldn’t it be wrong for conservative Republican Austin to do the same between a woman and her doctor? Conservatives protest over the NSA, but where were they when the C.I.A trafficked drugs in the inner cities during the 1980’s? If it’s good for the goose, then it’s good for the gander.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wake Up Call

This is a wake up call for Crossroad citizens who are not social conservative. Time for y'all to stand up and make your voices heard. . I am getting sick and getting tried of the lying and the racial undertones in the Opinion page of the Victoria Adovcate. DON'T COMPLAIN ON BLOGGER OR FACEBOOK. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD ON HERE!!!!!! I decided to stirke back at the bigotry and the stupidity before me.


Editor, the Advocate:

It is very disturbing that a caller, Joy, on July 17, 2013, suggested on this opinion page that Mr. Trayvon Martin was a thug and deserved his demise. With such logic, I assume Joy might blame a rape on a party girl. The problem is a "might make right" mentality, which seems to be prevalent on this opinion page. If the victim was a thug, then what does that make Mr. George Zimmerman, the alleged murderer? With a record of domestic violence and possible drug use, what does that make him? I guess some refuse to answer that in an honest way. If Mr. Zimmerman was found not guilty, then why did 71-year-old Trevor Dooley, of Tampa Bay, Fla., and Marissa Alexander, of Jacksonville, Fla., receive prison time? It is easy to blame Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for racial division, and yes, they do deserve some blame, but what about those popular conservative radio talk show hosts? Sean Hannity had ties with New Jersey Neo Nazi leader Hal Turner, but no one wants to talk about that. Michael Berry makes a living with radio minstrel "Shirley Q. Liquor," but no one is addressing that. Rush Limbaugh with his "Barack the Magic Negro" parodies, which backfired and help made Mr. Obama, President of the United States. However, no one dares to mention that. Where were those who slammed the rapper Common for a harsh song about George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq when Ted Nugent suggested the three Democratic presidential candidates perform a disgusting act on his rifle? The real thugs, the real criminals I see are the ones many of you keep electing to Austin to ensure neo-feudalistic goals with more prisons and fewer schools while they double dip in our public coffers to help pay their corporate cronies and for double payment. Sorry to burst your little bubbles folks; this isn't about liberalism vs. conservatism or maybe race; it is about a mentality that breeds ignorance, misunderstanding, naivete and, yes, overwhelming hypocrisy.